Monday, November 25, 2013


Hey Everyone!!!!!!!!
Hows it all going back at home? Plans for thanksgiving and christmas? haha well people started pulling out their christmas decorations pretty much the day after halloween....and in my last zone, we were singing christmas hymns every reunion we had. Lets just say...people are getting pretty "baggy" for christmas. haha it is very exciting...and kind of scary to see how fast the time really has passed in the mission!!! Everyone has their lights up, and it is realy pretty here at night. We already have members inviting us over to eat for christmas...its kind of amazingly awesome! But hey, we do have a special multi zone meeting this thrusday for thanksgiving, and we are goin to eat with the zone as well as president. I am excited!!!! hmmmm, what else? OH YA!!!!! We are going to the temple this friday to do a session. I cant even describe how much I miss the temple. I think I have forgotten how a session even goes, but I will let you know how is goes!
This week has been an interesting one...full of work, geting to know members, the less actives and finding new people to well as full of parasites. :( yucky....haha it truly has been once in a lifetme experience. But i am feeling much better, so dont you worry about a thing!!!
well with hermano carmelo, he didnt show up to sacrament meeting yesterday, but showed up after for class. Poor guy..he is so humble and so special for us. He sells milk and cheese on the streets for a living. And he gets up earlier on sundays to do it, in order to make it on time for sacrament meeting. But since he came late, we have to change his baptism date, because he has too go to sacrament meeting 3 times to be baptized. His baptism will be in December. The whole ward is so excited for him, and I will keep you all up to date!!! We are just working now on placing a date for baptism for his wife. She is a little bit harder to work with, but with much prayer and fasting, I think we will be succesful. :)
That is all this week, short and sweet..but things are going great, and I think things will just get better from here. Have a great week!!!! Count your blessings every day!!!!!! Love you all so much!!!
Hermana Thomas 

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