Friday, November 8, 2013


Dear family and friends.....

this week has been one of the best in my mission so far. :) I just feel so happy with this work, and am always grateful to have this opportunity to serve, and I think we truly have taken that opportunity to serve all we could this week. We did some service activities for the members this week, unplanned. We just showed up on their door step, and said, " we are here to serve you...what can we do to help?" We were in our normal clothes, and they were not excpeting us. But they couldnt turn us away, when we were ready to serve. So each time, they found something that we could do for them. I find this is more effective in working with the members. I felt like we gained their trust and confidence. Normally we will visit the members and talk about the mission work, and then ask them if they have any friends or family that we could teach. Much of the time here, that is not too succesful. So now our plan is to show up unplanned on the door steps of the members for 2 hours every day, to serve them. I find that once we gain the trust of the members...then we can start working with them a lot better. We also have a video about the mission work, its only about 5 minutes...but we went and visited our bishop in the ward and showed him the video with his family. He was very touched. And after this we recieved 10 references to contact. I know that this work is true, and is magnificent. We cant do a whole lot without the help of the members....and I know that you all have a great part in this missionary work. You are truly angels for us as missionarys. This week, I want you to contact a neighbor or a friend or family member, and share the gospel with them. You can help them make the better change in their lives. :) 

We have also found other opportunites to serve other people. We just moved into our new house this week, and as we were walking the otehr day, we found this old grandma trying to weed her garden. You have to understand, that here..sometimes gardens are like flippin jungles  haha...seriouosly more of a jungle than an actual garden. Any way, we said, " hey we are missionaries, and now we are your neighbors. Let us go back home, change our clothes, and we can help you out." She kept sayingshe was okay...but we knew better. We weeded her whole garden within about 40 minutes, taught her the first lesson, and invited her to baptism. Although she didnt accpet the invitation right away, we have an appointment with her again tommorow. I know her heart was touched....and our hearts were touched as well. During the month of Thanksgiving....take the opportunity to serve others daily. You will be blessd, and they will be blessed also. :) I love you all, I hope you are all doing wonderful. Have a great week, serve someone, always work hard, and remember to have fun. I will write more next week!! For all of you who I told I would be sending letters to....well, the post office is on strike here, and I am unable to send letters right now. But I will get them out to all of you as soon as I can. :) 

Cuidase mucho!!!!


Love, Hermana Thomas 

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