Monday, December 2, 2013

Baggy for Christmas

hey I need to say, I got the package of the christmas decorations!!!!!! thank you so very much!!!!!! :) And what is even better is that I recieved it on thanksgiving!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Me and my companion are getting pretty "baggy" for christmas. We want to decorate the house with all the decorations you have sent us, and all these members are like, hey come over and eat with us!!!! so pretty much I know we will be eating great that day!!!! 
and we also have great news!!!! we have two baptisms this month!! one for hermano carmelo and one for a guy named stewart. He is 17 and loves the church and all the lessons we have. He is extremely ready and excited to be baptized!!!! and as far as thanksgiving goes. It was awesome!! we had a special zone meeting with the president, and we ate well...but nothing compares to yours and grandmas cooking. The potatoes were extremely missed as well as the pumpkin pie. Good thing I will be home next year to have thanksgiving with you!!!!!!! :) 
Thank you for everything!!!!!! All your love and support!!!! That is all for this week!! 

and and hey.....i dont know if you guys have been having crazy snow storms up there is utah, but we have been extremely cold here with really strong cold winds. sounds like it is time for christmas!!!! 

oh, and yep, i survived a tiny earthquake.....during our session in the temple. That was pretty much sweet!!!! 


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