Monday, January 20, 2014

This week has been great! We have been working hard and focusing on the less actives in the ward. From the visits that we had with the members and the less actives...we received 15 references, and have plans for this week to contact them all with members. So that means that we should have more new people to teach this week. 

We are really trying to build up the ward first before the baptisms can happen. We are working hard to reactivate the less actives. Then with more church attendance, and more positive members....we can continue to receive references, and start to have more lessons with members. Then we can start baptizing. It really is a long process. But this is our belief. We not have a lot of baptisms when we leave this area, but we will have a stronger ward. We are really just trying to prepare this area for the next missionary's whenever they come in. We really want them to be able to come into a strong positive ward.

As for hermano carmelo....he did not attend church yesterday. Which means that we have to baptize him again. We don't know if he just lost the desire, or if he is scared. When we see him on the street, or when the members see him on the street....we likes to ignore us and hide, like he is scared to talk to us. We will continue to try and work with him these next two weeks before changes. If he does not keep up with his commitments we will have to drop him.

As for hermano stewart..well we did have a date for baptism this month. But we could not figure out his age to confirm how many attendances he will need for baptism. He told us he was 19, then 20, then 17. He told us that he doesn't remember his age. He has a story that is really weird. So we had the zone leaders visit him, and then zone leaders called us that night and told us that hermano stewart was a little weird....and honestly we didn't know if he had a true desire at that point. We have also decided to drop him. Now our goal this week is to find new positive people to teach.

But I do have good news!!!!! Our investigator hermana lorena that I told you about. Well she decided to leave the companion that she was with, and she is now living with her mom. She wants to be baptized. We are going to wait it out a month before we set a date....just to make sure that she can be fully prepared. But we are so very happy for her, and her decision to leave this man. 

Like I said last week....things are progressing slowly, but we have patience and the faith that things will progress here shortly. All we need is for our bishop here in Nopal, to have a little bit more of a sincere desire to work with the members and missionary's....and a little less machete. 

But things are great. My companion and I are getting along. I am learning a lot from her. Together, we will make this area grow. I love this area....and dont ever want to leave it!!!!!! 

We are going to work more as a companionship, to be consistent with our companionship study, and practices. And we also are going to work on being consistent with our weekly planning session. 

But we are happy, and healthy and safe and our testimonies are being strengthened daily.

This message is a message that I wrote to president... I am going to start forwarding the message that I send to president to you guys as well, just because I don't have a lot of time to explain everything that I want to over and over again. But we are happy....haha kind of struggling in the area, but nothing is impossible. We are doing our best.  As for the day I come home...ha well I don't really want to think about that, but I know it is October. I think it is either the 14th or 17th of October. I can confirm that with you next week. Just to let you all know too....I HIT MY HALFWAY MARK!!!!! 9 MONTHS!!!!! ahhhhh I think I will just die, just absolutely flippin die. I cannot believe this beautiful experience is half over. It certainly makes me want to work harder, be better serve others, and just be the best missionary I can be in my last 9 months I have here. So I am pretty much going to go out there and kick some Satan butt. Really, I am going to work harder than I ever have in my life. :) 

Well, I am still here in Ahuachapan..but we have changes in two weeks. I will let you know in two weeks what will happen. 

But I gotta go, I will update you the best I can every week. Keep those letters and emails coming!!!!! They are so very inspiring for me!! And if I don't keep up with weekly letters, give me a chew out so I can keep up on that!!! have a great week, have fun be safe, and please drive safe in the snow up there!!! ;) haha


love, alicia


to all of you, please know that I am so sorry if I am not writing you all individual emails or letters. But I hope you can read these general emails, and feel of the love I have for all of you. :) 


Pictures of my nine month mark: Standing shoulder to shoulder with the best life I will ever know


Monday, January 13, 2014

Great week

this week has been great!!!! first, we have a date set to baptize hermano stewart on january 25th. secondly, we had a sister reunion last week. it was awesome, and we learned a lot. i got to see  my daughter, and I just about cried, I was just so happy to see her. Third, we have an awesome volcano erupting here in El Salvador right now...but thank goodness it is many miles away from me and my area. But please pray for the missionaries and people there....things are not going to well in that area right now. Fourth...later this month all three missions in el salvador are getting together to listen to Elder Cook....and apostle from the quorom of the 12 apostles. WHOOOOO!!!!  and another thing.....I will complete half of my mission on the 17th og january. Almost like my birthday haha except for I am way sad that half of it is over. :( That is what is up this week.
This week has been good. We are working harder as a companionship, and are working hard to set up dates for baptism for the next two months. The members are a little cold here..but we are working on building frienships with them. little by little....yes we have the faith things will continue to improve. We are happy and healthy and so pumped to work in the work of the Lord. I am trying to keep up with the weekly letters for you guys. Sorry if i cant get one out to you every week...but it is the effort that counts.
We also have changes in february...after a change of 8 weeks...we will see what will happen. I will let you know!!!!!!! hmmm what else??? oh yah!!!! so hermano carmelo, the man we just baptized not too long ago....he hasnt showed up to church to be confirmed. He has 2 more weeks to show up. and if he doesnt show up, we will have to have him be baptized again! CRAZY!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!! haha 
But we have about 3 postive families that we are teaching right noe. They are young families, and have a desire to change. I am amazed how the Lord puts people in your path that are ready to change and learn. I just witness miracles every day. So much that I cannot tell every single one of them. There is a saying that we have n the mission. Obedience brings you blessings. Exact obedience brings you miracles. :) I am going to work on being more obedient. Help me out, and encourage me. Be odedient at home as well. Attend church, rea your book of mormon daily and with your family. serve and love others...and you will recieve blessing like you have never seen before!!! that is my mesage for this week. short and simple. but i love ya guys!!!! have a great week!!! i willl write more next week!! 

love hermana thomas

Monday, January 6, 2014


one of the baptism we had last week....and pictures of our area. its like a hike very day. and a picture of a bridge we cross every day. its awesome. no guard rails, and a twenty foot drop off. haha loving the mission.
Enjoy!!!! and have an awesome week!! I will send more next week!!!