Friday, October 18, 2013

Be a Missionary!

hey im back!!!!!!!
how are you all doing in the states???? how is school, work, family and everything????
hey so I am totally sending off letters today to you and kim and britt....and josh smith. lol ;) but i am hoping you get them soon!!!
this week has been great, I have learned a lot this week about working with the members. Without the members we have nothing, and they are truly key in this misionary work. I dont know if you remember the message that elder ballard had for us in conference, but he talked of the importance of missionarys and the members working together. The goal is to have every single member have a new convert in the church by christmas. This is a goal I have for all of you before Chrsitmas to have a new convert in the church. So all of the friends you have at work or in the neighborhood, or school..start inviting everyone you know. Start inviting the missionarys over to your house to have lessons with these friends. Help us bring others unto christ!!!! :) I know you will recieve many blessings as you do so! Things are great...... I am alive and I am healthy and happy. Love you all!! Have a great week, and let me know how your successes go. I want to hear from you all!!!
Love ya tons!!
Love, Ali


Friday, October 11, 2013

Great Week!

Hey friends and family!!!!!!!!

so this week has been the bomb!! we are working so hard, and we have found so many new people to teach!!!! we found this one family, and they are so special. we found them last week, familia Martinez. The first appointment we had with them, they fed us pupusas, and we taught them about the restoration. The mom asked how many weeks do you have to wait until you can be baptized? My companion and I smiled at each other and said three weeks. We had our second appointment with them last night, and invited them to baptism. Although they didn't accept a date, they did accept the invitation on the condition, that only if they felt it was right, then they will get baptized. We will continue to work hard with them .:)

We have also been working with a less active couple. They are an older couple. And they went inactive i think about ten years back...although they had over 35 years in the church. They went inactive because their bishop would steal their tithing money. So we have been knocking on their door everyday for about three weeks now. The husband always opens his door....just a crack, and tells us that he is done with this church, and that he doesn't want to have anything to deal with us. Well one day, his wife opened the door. We sang her a hymn in the doorway, because she wouldn't allow us to enter her house. After we sang, I bore my testimony and I told her to pay special attention to how the spirit spoke to her, and I told her to pay attention to her feelings. She smiled a little bit, and agreed. The next time we knocked on the door, she let us in. I think that just goes to show that through faith and diligence, miracles can happen. That is my message for this week. Through your diligence and obedience in the gospel, I testify you will receive blessings!!! :)

I will write more next week!

Hermana Thomas :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lots of pics

a picture of me and my daughter. a picture of hermana peterson and her daughter. we are all in the same zone. its funny because hermana peterson and i were comps in the ccm, and our daughters were comps in the ccm. what a beautiful thing. :)1D93D14A-AE6C-40D1-A784-BF4CBF61DF9C





New Comp

hey everything is good here. i have my new companion hermana banuelos. she is actually from texas, so she speaks englsih too. but we make sure just to speak spanish. haha but i think she totally came ready to work. and i am pretty sure she has taught me more than i have taught her. i love her, and we are such a team, we work so hard. i only have two weeks here, so sometimes we just walk in circles, because i cannot find where all of our investigators are. so then we just start kncoking doors. haha but we will get it down with time. i have had a lot of fun with her. ummm, well i dont have a lot of new news this week, but i will have more next week!!!! love you and hope you are doing well!!!!