Monday, November 18, 2013

Just when I thought it was too good to be just got better

Hey family and friends,

 My pday has now changed to mondays...because guess what... I have been moved to a new area!!!!!!!! My area is called Ahuachapan, Nopal. Crazy name huh. Yep, well I am now an hour away from the mission office. And I have been sent to the jungle!! haha well I live in a city part, but we work mostly in the jungle. This is the most humble part I have served in, in my mission so far. And it is absolutely beautiful!!! We walk a little bit of mountain terrain, rocks, hills. through grade and trees, and boulders. Whoooo I am telling you, its a lot of exercise. haha I thought I was going to miss the hot water shower, and serving in the ward of the president....but just when I thought it was too good to be true, it just got better. I would gladly serve the rest of my mission here!! My companion is super nice too...Hermana Rodas. She is from Guatemala, served her mission for 8 months in the mountains of guatemala, and now has had one month in the mission here in el Salvador. It is still pretty new for her. Well the good news is, we had a baptism on Saturday. Baptized a little kid named Enrique. I still don't know him all that well, but he is a kid of great faith. His mom isn't a member and he doesn't have a dad. But he had the desire to be baptized, and his faith is what got him there. I am grateful for little examples like him. We also have an investigator right now, hermano carmelo. He is like 60 years old, and lives in the jungle. I guess what happened, is that the missionary's didn't find him...but he found them. I don't really know the rest of the story, but here we are teaching him. The cool thing about that he isn't even baptized yet, but he is teaching the gospel to his friends and family and neighbors. He is amazing, and I think he could take my place as a missionary, because he is so good at serving others and sharing his testimony. Things are well here, and I am happy and doing well. I pray for you all, and hope you are all doing great. I have about 40 pictures I need to send, but just for today...I will send a couple. Have a great week!! And share the gospel with everyone you know!!!!

love, hermana thomas

I will write more next week!!!

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