Friday, November 1, 2013


 sorry I didn't get through to you last week, the computer was not working. and the thing is..i totally wrote a bomb letter, and then I tried to send it. and the computer wouldn't let me. lameness. but hey, its another week, and I am doing flipping great!!!!!!! we are just truckin along, working hard, looking for success, and seeing little miracles every day. We don't have any dates set for baptism, and we don't have anyone really progressing with us. But we are doing our best, and we are happy. Me and my companion get along great, and today we are actually moving to another house. I failed to mention forever ago that the house we live in, is pretty disgusting. Hermana Toher, the girl I was with in the ccm...lived in this house before I came. But she got dengue a second time in this house, and then got sent home. So I pretty much have been living in a house with a curse of dengue. It is known as the mosquito house in the mission, and nobody wants to visit it. we don't even like it. But thank goodness we found a really beautiful house, with two floors...and guess what else??? HOT WATER!!!! whoooooo!!!!!! pretty much the best blessing ever!!! haha 

my Spanish is the best it has ever been in the mission, i keep improving on that daily. so I gotta say, I am pretty much a flippin professional. hehe jk

oh and Halloween here, well, they celebrate on November 2nd. They don't do trick or treating, which means no candy for us missionaries. But thanks to the most awesome family ever, I received my package this week!!! So for Halloween. just last night, we had hot chocolate, mixed with the Hershey's bars I received, and Oreos. So I must say I feel fat today and am on a chocolate hangover. its whatever. Its probably the best thing I ever ate in the whole mission. Chocolate..mmmmm....never gets old. But now I am having cravings for mountain dew (hint hint) ;) hehe anywho...the way they celebrate Halloween here is different. They call it dia de los muertos. They respect their dead here. and on this day, they clean the graves and decorate them. That's it. In Mexico it is a little more elaborate. They will make the favorite food of the person, and decorate the graves with this food and all this other stuff. apparently it is way crazy.

hmmmmmmm what else can I talk about?? not too much else to talk about this week, except to say the mission is so awesome. cant believe I received my call almost a year ago. how time flies. now I have about a year before I return home. I don't want to think about that right now though, because there is so much work to be done here!!! :) 

just a goal I have for all of you. Start
inviting your friends to church, from work school or the neighborhood. Every member a missionary. The goal from Elder Ballard in conference it for every member to have a new convert friend in the church by Christmas. I know you can all do it!! us missionaries are here to help with the rest. I want to hear of your success stories of fellowshipping and inviting your friends and family to hear more about this gospel.

thank you so much for your love and your support. i love you all. we are doing great, and I couldn't be doing any better. have a great week!!!! I will write more next week!! 

love hermana thomas :) 
Companions :)

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