Friday, October 18, 2013

Be a Missionary!

hey im back!!!!!!!
how are you all doing in the states???? how is school, work, family and everything????
hey so I am totally sending off letters today to you and kim and britt....and josh smith. lol ;) but i am hoping you get them soon!!!
this week has been great, I have learned a lot this week about working with the members. Without the members we have nothing, and they are truly key in this misionary work. I dont know if you remember the message that elder ballard had for us in conference, but he talked of the importance of missionarys and the members working together. The goal is to have every single member have a new convert in the church by christmas. This is a goal I have for all of you before Chrsitmas to have a new convert in the church. So all of the friends you have at work or in the neighborhood, or school..start inviting everyone you know. Start inviting the missionarys over to your house to have lessons with these friends. Help us bring others unto christ!!!! :) I know you will recieve many blessings as you do so! Things are great...... I am alive and I am healthy and happy. Love you all!! Have a great week, and let me know how your successes go. I want to hear from you all!!!
Love ya tons!!
Love, Ali


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