Sunday, April 13, 2014



After a long 2 months in Ahuachapan with hard hearted members and a really really tough companion...I finally have had a change. It sounds so bad....but I was so ready to leave. When the zone leaders called me to have a change, I just about cryed I was so happy. I packed up everything I had in about 30 minutes, and was ready to go. haha
So now I am in an area that is called Trebol, Santa Ana.
 It is about 10 minutes away from my old area..Palmar. My companion is hermana boror. She is from guatemala city, and she is one of the best companions I have ever had in the mission. The story is funny...because she was companions with hermana banuelos in the mtc (the sister that I trained in palmar) and the sister that trained hermana boror, was hermana peterson, my companion in the mtc. So all we kind of did was a switch. Its pretty much awesome. 
Well I am in the city more mountains, no more dirt paths, no more twenty foot drop off metal bridges....and no more jungle. :( in that aspect, I am sad, because I loved the area. But the thing is, is that i am no longer suffering any more. haha so yeah, I am pretty much in paradidse!!!!!!! 
This area here is great. The members are strong, but there are not that many. Supposedly the church we have here is not a church...its a house. We are trying to increase the attendance on sundays, and baptize more families and that we can build a church and have them attend a real church house.
We have a family who has a date for baptism in march. I dont know them yet, but the date was set before I got here. But I look forward to knowing everybody more this week.
Love you all!!!!! have a great week!!!! and remember to do an act of service for a family member or a friend everyday! 

love, hermana thomas 

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