Sunday, April 13, 2014

11 months

I am feeling pressure here in the mission like i have never felt before and the repentance proccess was hitting me way hard last week. our numbers sucked, i wasnt into the work. i was doing what we needed to do, but not because i wanted to do. yet again, this companionship has been a hard one, just like last time. i felt like i was insufficient, and ready to lay done, say I was done....and die. haha im serious. but I learned something. i am not here to fight with my companion, and i am not herefor her to beat me up and drag me down. i am not here to be deppressed or to be homesick, or to put myself down for stuff that are out of my control. I AM NOT HERE TO FAIL. I will do everything in my power as a representative of Jesus Christ, to bring people unto Him. I know the atonement changes thoroughly changed my life last week, and I feel unstoppable. Yes I have I am not perfect. Wil I continue to have hard times in the mission...yes. But it is all about the attitude. And I am not choosing to be miserable, I am choosing to be happy and to enjoy every single moment. before it disappears. These7 months I have a commitment with God and with myself to do everything I can to learn, apply, and teach the best I know how. Before anything..comes personal conversion. If i am not converted first to christ, how am I to help others? its not possible. I AM GOING TO BE THE MISSIONARY OF MY DREAMS. i am going to succeed in these next 7 months. i am going to baptize a family, and be the best friend of every single one of my companions....and be the example that I should be as a servant of the Lord. I know this gospel is true. I cannot deny it, and can never live wihtout it. So i will live it well. I have prayed with all my heart, and I know it is something that every child of God needs. I know that this Gospel was restored by Joseph Smith. I know that he was an uneducated man, and didnt have much....but he had the desire to serve God, and to know the truths of God. I know like him, I am maybe uneducated....I come from a hard background with many hardships. But I to have a desire to serve God, and to learn of Him. I know that God makes weak, meek men into the strongest of examples and teachers. I want to be like that, and I will be like that. 
I am here to benefit serve others....and through that, i know my family and friends will be blessed. I too will be blessed through obedience and dilignece.
El Salvador needs me, Trebol needs me. I will do everything in my power to strengthen and convert this area into one of the strongest wards El Salvador has ever seen.

i have:

7 months.
A desire.
A calling.
A responsibilty.

i am willing to do my part. With God, all is possible. I am not perfect, but I have faith. I am a convert to this Gospel... i was a member all my life, but didnt believe most of the time. Through a simple prayer, I gained a testimoney. I am hermana thomas, I am a convert, and a missionary of Jesus Christ. This is my testimoney, and I hope you can benefit from it.
Have a great week, and thank you for your love and support.

love, hermana thomas

hey, today I recieve a new companion in about an hour. They are opening up another area in trebol. but there are changes next week in the mission.....we dont know if this is permanent or temporary. So far i think i am staying. if not, i will let you know. as for now i have been with hermana boror, and with hermana amone (the mission nurse) this trio has been fun, and absolutley crazy!! But i have learned so much!!!! anyway...i think thats it. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! 

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