Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 Months

hey family and friends!! 

this week has been great, and things are rocking in trebol!! we have a baptism on sunday, and we also have another date for baptism on march 2nd. We are really seeing the results of how the gospel can change the lives of people. And I love it!!!! 
last week, we had the chance to attend a baptism from Palmar. The special thing about it, is that the baptism was of some teenagers that I had been teaching when I was there in palmar. We walked into the church, and I got to see all the members from palmar...and then down the hall i saw these teenagers dressed in white, ready to make a covenant with God that would change the rest of their lives. The girl saw me, and we hugged each other. I feltl ike crying, I was just so happy!! I learned that day, that in the end, it doesnt matter who is baptizing the people, it just matters that we are opening our mouths and planting that gospel seed into the peoples hearts. I never baptized these kids...I could never count it as a "number" of baptisms I had in my mission.....but I just felt so happy that they were doing what was right. :) it was a very special moment. I will send pictures of the baptism.
There was also another baptism that we attended from palmar. We actually had a reunion that day when we walked in. But when we walked in, not one member was in this baptism. We felt so bad for the poor lady, that the whole entire zone attended the baptism. imagine that??? about 25 missionarys attending a baptism, and not one member. All of you members, please attend your ward baptisms. always. there is nothing more special in life, than to see someone change their lives through baptism. 
Oh and hey....guess what?? I have 10 months in the mission!!! cannot believe it!!! i am such a grandma in the mission! hahaha weird how time flys.....but yeah im good. We celebrated my 10 months, and my companions 5 months in the mission, by eating fruit popsicles. it was great!!! 
Things are great in the mission. Working hard, and never want to stop. For all of you that I havent written regularly, I apologize. But I think about all of you often. Know that you are always in my prayers, and 8 more months to go until I see you all again!!!! 
Have a great week!!!!! 

hermana thomas

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