Monday, December 9, 2013


family and friends!!! 
totally saw the devotional last night. it was sooooo good!!! and i saw it in spanish and understood. wow, i cannot believe christmas is here. it is kind of weird to think it is christmas without the snow. But christmas here, well celebrations have already started, and sometimes go through the entire night with loud music, and sometimes with drunks. hahaha but it is great. everybody is inviting us over to eat on christmas eve and christmas day.
well thank you for sending me christmas packages. lol hahaha i will let you know when i get them. you are pretty much the most awesome of awesome moms i could have ever asked for. hahaha i dont need anything better, because i already have you guys. the best family EVER. 
we did go to the temple, and it was amazing. i will send you a picture. we got one in front of the temple with hermana estevez and hermana groneman.  i realized how much i missed the temple. and i will make it a weekly goal after my mission to do a session. it is such a blessing to go to the temple that is just like ten minutes away. i think you should make it a weekly goal to go with kyle. i will even watch the kids for you when i get back so that you and grandma and kyle can go. we cannot live our lives fully without the blessings of the temple. it was so special to go in the mission. us sisters got to see the brides room, and the sealing room. i cryed..i really just sat there and cried, and i am so blessed. i love to think that after my mission, i will be able to enter that room one day, and be sealed to my spouse for eternity. and to have you be there.....i cannot wait to recieve that eternal happy blessing. 
i am so proud that you guys started a family service day. you will all be so blessed for your service, especially when you are serving the Lord. You are angels, as well as the other members of the church. You dont have plaques to wear on your chest, but you all have one painted in your heart. you as members are the life and soul of missionary work, and to just think how happy heavenly father is when we bring His children back to salvation. Heavenly Father is extremely pleased with each and every one of you. you are angels....and life savers. dont ever forget the great special part you all play in missionary work. us missionarys love you, and we pray for each and every one of you. dont ever give up, because this work has eternal blessings. 
oh and about v3 construction....just hire me, you know you want to. i will be the best spanish speaker ever. better than chris. hahahaha dont tell him that, just a broma. jaja
as far as the baptisms...well we will still have them. but later in the month, because the people we had dates with for baptism, didnt make it to church yesterday. but we will still be baptizing this month. and right now the goal is to baptize at least one family next month. please pray for us to be able to find a positive family to teach and baptize.
i love you all my family. hang in there with your hardships, and remember to smile. remember to always go to church, read your scriptures and pray. remember when you are in the service of your fellow man, you are only in the service of your God. have a great week!!!!!!!! remember to be of service during this month of christmas. I will write more next week!!! 

love you tons!!!! 

hermana thomas 

ps sorry this email is way general and personalized. but i love you all so very much. always remember that. haha

pics of the temple. and pictures of the car ride there. we have hermana groneman from utah, hermana estevez from honduras, elder brown from uath behind me and his companion elder aldude from peru. best day ever. haha

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