Friday, September 20, 2013


sorry a lot of these are coming to you late, but here you go. One is for maddi sheridan....i need you to know, that i am now in the same district as your friend elder dennis. Woot Woot!! haha and i have one of all the sistas in my new zone. and some of my old area too....enjoy!!  
more pics of my old area, one with my old comp  hermana hospina, haha.. And then i have a flippin sweet story with one picture in this email. It is of a cup, and in that cup there is a frog. This was in Metapan by the way....but after the big rain storms, we have a lot of frogs. I found one in our house, and I caught it in a cup. Hermana Chiquin saw this and freaked out!!! She was like, put it outside please, I hate frogs! So I decided to chase her with it all around the house. She locked herself in her room, and didint come out for a good 20 minutes after that. I felt like such a jerk...but it was kind of funny. we all laugh about it now! Oh, and I also have a picture of all the love letters I recieved from the weirdo. The sad thing is, is that two hours before I changed areas...the elders recieved letters from him saying that he was not going back to the church, and that he made a big mistake in joining, because he only joined to get to know me. It is bad...I felt so guilty at first, but then I realized that it is not my fault, and that everyone makes their own decisions. I hope one day he will return to the church with a will to change, and that he will return for the right reasons. Thats all I have in this email. Enjoy the pics!! :) Love ya all!!!! Look forward to a lot more next week!! And oh yeah, I have been put in the same zone as my old companion in the mtc, hermana peterson. little does president know, this was a big mistake. haha we are like a bomb when we are together!! We missed each other so much, and are glad to spend this time together. We have real changes in 2 weeks, and we will see if she changes or not. I will let yall know!









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