Friday, September 27, 2013


I think you will like this news this week......I got a call from my zone leaders here in Palmar, at around 11 last night. I recieved news that I really was not expecting to, guess who is going to be a trainer for the next 12 weeks??? I am!!!!!I just got called to train. And if you remember me talking about hermana peterson, she has been called to be a trainer as well this change. And my mom, well she has again, been called to be a trainer this change for her third time in the mission. She is only a change ahead of me. So crazy, I am overwhelmed with emotion. I honestly dont feel ready, but I think that it is natural to feel that way. But I am grateful president has enough trust in me, to call me to train a new missionary. Not only am I training a new missionary, but I am also opening up a brand new area here. This is such a blessing, really. I remember the scripture that says something like, you recieve the blessings only after the trial of your faith. I have finally recieved this blessing of this sacred call of being a trainer.
Being close to president was great...this area is so beautiful, and we have so many strong members here. I sat next to hermana cordon in gospel principles with the other missionarys and our investigators. And I love here so much, she is a great mission mom!! But this change I have no idea where I am going, so I will let you know on my next p day. I will find out tommorow where I go.
I will miss working with hermana beltran, besides my mom, she was probably the best friend I have had in the mission so far. We worked so hard, and talked to so many people. And with her, in this one week I got to enjoy with her, I learned so much about what the mission really is all about. And I really felt the spirit every time I worked with her. I will miss her very much.
Hmmm what else.....oh so, I had an ingrown toenail, that got taken out on monday in the hospital. Gosh, that hurt worse than having dengue, i swear it did. haha I had pain in my toe for about 3 months, but never said anything, because we never really had time to get it checked. But when the doctor cut my toe open, the ingrown toenail was HUGE!! ha i rested on monday, and then started to work again on tuesday. It hurts a little, and this week I have been walking like a zombie down the street in my little flipflops. haha "hola, yo soy hermana thomas...y yo soy un zombie tambien..pero tenemos un muy importante mensaje para usted y su familia, queremos compartir este mensaje ahora se su familia es esta." hehe, people think i am a weirdo. But i talked to the doctor again, because it is still hurting, and is now infected. He said that if it still hurts next monday, they will have to cut off my whole toenail. NASTY. we will see, I am praying it gets better, so that I will be ready to train my newbie comp.
This week we had a good experience, well, we have them every day, but i think this one is good to share. We always take a certain bus to get to the church. And for some reason we always have the same bus driver. He is a big fan of the Spain Barcelona soccer team, and it shows, because he has his whole bus decorated of flags and other things that represent this team. Anywho, every time we take the bus with him he lets us on for free. He never allows us to pay him. We dont know why, because he is not a member. So the other day, me and herman beltran were like, "what can we give him?" We had a snickers bar, so we gave that to him when we got off. Then the next day, again we took the same bus he was driving. Again, he did not let us pay him. Hermana Beltran looked at me, and asked, "what can we do for him?" Well, I looked down at my lap, and I saw the Book of Mormon that I had in my hands. I smiled really big and said, "lets give him this." We wrote out testimoneys in it, and our number, also with a pamphlet of the restauracion. When we gave it to him, we smiled really big, and was kind of suprised, and yelled a big "THANK YOU!!!!" as we got off the bus. Well the next day, we got on the same bus. We asked him if he had read the promise found in Moroni. He said yes, and yet again gave us a really big smile. I know the Lord has something in store for him....and I know he is ready to hear the gospel. Its funny what the Lord does to put people in your path, but I was so grateful for that opportunity to hand out the book of mormon to him. :) 
that is my experience for this week, and I hope you are all doing wonderful at home. Let me know how everything is, and again, thank you so much for all of your support at home. I will write you more next week!!
hermana thomas

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