Friday, September 20, 2013

New Area, New Companion, New Everything..... :)

hey family and friends,

I now have my pdays on Fridays, because I am now in a new area with a new companion, and a completely new zone. Let me explain why....I had some problems in my old area, with a recent convert . For these past three weeks, I was given 13 love letters from him, and I would find them in front of our house when we would go out to work, or when we would return home. He would find us in the streets up to four or five times a day on his bicycle. It started to get bad..and as much as I dearly loved my area, I asked president for a change. He called me on Tuesday morning at 8 o clock, and told me to pack my things and to come to the office as fast as I could for an emergency change. I was out of my area by 11. I had about an hour to say bye to all the people I had been teaching, and all the people I had gotten to know. I have to admit, that was completely heart wrenching. To say goodbye to your loved ones, kinda like your family, and to know that you are probably never going to see them again in this life. has been an emotional week!! But I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work there, and I know that the people there truly changed me, and my testimony grew, and the love for these people grew a ton. Goodbye were my first area of my mission, and I will always have a very special place in my heart for you.

But now I am in an area called Palmar, this area is a "colonia" in Santa Ana. It is all city, and completely different than Metapan. This area is huge, and I am still trying to become familiar with it all. I feel like I am a new missionary again haha...but that is okay. My companions name is Hermana Beltran, and she is the biggest spiritual giant I have ever met in the mission. Wow, she is such a powerful teacher, and she has such a love for everyone here. She truly radiates with the spirit. She has had three months in the mission, and I just completed 5 months not too long ago. We are both pretty fresh in the mission, but we work together as as team very well. I would not mind working with her the rest of my mission. I have never felt the spirit so strong before, but it just radiates from me, and I feel it every moment. And I am so happy. I think the Lord knew my struggles and I think he knew I needed a change, so I am truly blessed for this change I had, for several reasons. My zone is the most powerful zone I have been in before. Probably because I work with all the assistants, and because we are also in the ward of our mission president! (Yikes!!) haha a little pressure, but it helps us to be better missionaries and better people. We are all so strong, and everyone in this zone is always so excited to out and to work every day. It is a nice change from my old zones. :) I cannot wait to see what lies ahead of us, for me and Hermana Beltran. Oh ya!! I forgot to say, she is from Bogota Colombia!!! Woot!! Woot!!

Well, I have a message this week for all of you, and it is very important, and i think it can be useful and very special in your lives. But first I want to tell you a story that pertains to this. It is a sad one. So my old district leader ...from my first change, had an emergency change. A bad one too...he had it because his companion found out that he had a girlfriend in the area he was serving in. And then the another elder in my first district was sent home early last week, for also talking to a girl he shouldn't have been. He would go out with his companion, and go see movies all the time. He was sent home dishonorably. And then just yesterday, I found out, that an elder in metapan, my old area, just had an emergency change, because he has had a girlfriend in that area for awhile....a member. We all have temptations that surround us....everyday we have them. Especially in this day, sometimes it is hard to stay true to what you believe. When you dont have standards set for your life, it can be easy to conform, HOLD TRUE TO YOUR STANDARDS!!! You have an iron rod you can hold on to in your is this gospel of Jesus Christ. It can be used your foundation in this life, and it should be used as a foundation in all of our decisions and actions you choose to make throughout your days. People are going to try and tear you down..and pull you from that rod. They are going to tell you, that you can be happy without the gospel, that you can be happy with temptations. But I am here to tell you, there is no gray area in this gospel. You cannot be happy with these temptations. You hold on to your do what you know is right. You will be blessed for your efforts. When you think you stand alone, when you stand for what is need to remember that you always have a Big Brother up above that is with you always. Keep holding on, and never let go to that iron rod. :) These elders in my mission let go of that rod, and they are unhappy now, and were unable to fulfill their purpose as missionaries. But I want you to fulfill the purpose for your life. When you hold strong and true to your standards, and to this iron rod..I know you will be blessed. Not only temporally, but also for eternity. :)

Love you all my family and friends!! Hope this letter finds you well!!! Thanks for all the dear elders I received from kim, maurie and grandma kathy! And also thank you for the letters from maurie and kyle!! You are my inspiration!!! MWAAHHHH!!! Love ya all tons!! Be strong, and have a great safe week!!

Love, Hermana Thomasita :)

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