Monday, July 8, 2013


Good news family and friends.... I am staying in Metapan for another 6 weeks with Hermana Chiquin!! Whoooo!!!

Well this week has been pretty good. Because I was sick with dengue, me and my companion had to work twice as hard to get all of our work done, and we have sure been busy this week. I realize that I havent shared much information about my investigators with you, so this week I want to write about one specific family we are teaching. Their name is family pacheco. They are very special to me. This particular family is different from the other familys that we teach. They live on dirt floors, and honestly dont have much. There are 8 people in this family, all squished into one insy teensy little thing they call their home. They go to the river for their drinking water and to wash their clothes, and to shower. And I have to say that this place never ceases to humble me. This family has a daughter, Blanca. She is 11 years old, and is unable to walk. They also have a grandma who is 85, and she can hardly walk. She has cancer, but they dont have any money to pay for treatment, so she is in a lot of pain all the time. But the thing that is special about them is their special spirit. Despite all  of the trials they face, they are probably the happiest family I have ever met!! They take care of each other, and they are always serving others. We brought them to church this week. It took us about 20 minutes to walk there, because we were pushing Blanca and the grandma in wheelchairs. But when we got there, the spirit was incredibly strong. It was fast and testimoney meeting, so everyone got to bear their testimoneys. A lot of people talked about charity. I thought that, that specific topic was so fitting for that day. And I got to thinking how it is so important that we are always in the service of others. We talked of the story of the good samaritan, and how it is good to always serve our friends and neighbors.

I think sometimes in life we get caught up in the moment, we get caught up in school and work and other things. And sometimes we stop thinking of others. We dont recognize others needs because we are so caught up in ourselves. I have a goal for all of you this week. Look for someone to serve. In your neighborhoods, in your family, or maybe some random person on the street, or the homeless shelter...anything. It doesnt matter who, it just matters that you served someone. In the mission, we are always looking to serve someone...and before my mission, I didnt do that too often. But I learn that as you make it a specific goal to do so, I promise you that you will find someone. You will find lots of people. Always. I cant describe the special feeling I have after I have served someone. Just peace, and tranquility. It feels so good. I know that if you accept this challenge, you will be blessed for your efforts. We were put on this earth to help each other, right? There are people all around you that need you. They are just waiting for you to come to them. So next week, I want to hear your experiences of who you served, what you did to serve them. I promise as you make an effort to do this in your daily life, you will feel a change. I havent been in the mission long, but the people here have truly changed my life. This work has changed my life. I love this work, and I dont want to stop. It is so addicting.

I love you all!! Til next time,

Hermana Thomas
People in my zone...ZONA MOLINO!!!!!!

After my awesome experience in the hospital in san salvador, we got to pass by the temple. So of course I took pictures. I had fun playing with my camera. haha but really in all seriousness, isn't it so beautiful??

 These are pics from the hospital. The first hospital I went to was in Santa Ana, Centro Medico. But the nurses weren't too good there, so we transferred to a hospital in San Salvador. It was much better. haha

Love my area. It is beautiful. Wouldnt trade this experience for the world!!

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