Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baptismal Commitments and No Water

Yayayayayayayaya!!!!! you guys finally moved!!!!

Things are great here. we have three baptisms set for august 17, and these ones are for sure. i think i told you about Ricardo and his mom Maria and his brother Oscar. well, I thought "Ricardo" was "Carlos", ha but we misunderstood his name this whole flippin time. that is such an ali thing to do. ha but anywho, this family rocks. and their faith blows me away. we taught this family the word of wisdom last week. Ricardo smokes, and his mom drinks coffee at every meal. when we taught them the importance of the word of wisdom, they were like, yeah ok..if that's what God wants me to do, then I will stop that habit right now. and ever since last week, they haven't touched one cigarette or a cup of coffee. I am so proud of them. hmmm, what else can I talk about?

Nothing too new here...oh actually yeah there is one small thing. so the water in metapan has been shut off. we haven't had running water for 3 days now. but we have purified water in 5 gallon buckets that we use for our drinking water. we now use some of this water to shower. whoooo, let me tell yeah, I love this dip and pour method a lot better than what I had when I first got here. hahahaha ok, just joking, but you can tell grandma that my shower time has officially been cut down to 5 minutes.

We have changes in 3 weeks, and it will be my 3rd change in the mission. cant believe it is almost august!! anway, hermana chiquin thinks that she will be leaving and that I will be staying. the thing is, is that metapan is a training area for new missionaries. which means, I have a chance of being a trainer in 3 weeks. crazy to think about, but I think it is unlikely right now.

We continue to try and find new people here in metapan...a lot of our investigators that we think we have a good hold on, usually slip through our hands. I am so grateful for our few investigators we have that are committed to making a change in their lives.

Anyway, this letter is super short this week, but I love ya, God loves ya. have a great week, and thanks for all of the support back home. keep working hard, keep doing what you know is right and you will be blessed for your efforts!!

until next week,

Hermana Thomas :)

oh and ps, we get to go to the temple on august 6th with our investigators and members. so i am sorry for my lack of pictures the past few weeks, but I will make up for it in the next couple of weeks ok?? lots of love! MMMMWWWAAAHHHH!!

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