Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First Baptism Scheduled :)

Dear family,
This has been a pretty interesting week...I learned a new word, and that is borracho. There are many borrachos here, a lot of people that drink. They come up to us missionary's a lot, and sometimes it is scary, and sometimes just plain old funny. one day last week we were walking on the calle and found this drunk man passed out on the sidewalk. I told hermana chiquin we should give him a word of wisdom pamphlet. she laughed and continued to walk. i kept my feet planted right where i was standing. she turned around and said, en serio?? ha (seriously?) yes, yes i was serious. we woke the poor guy up, and told him we were missionary's. we gave him the pamphlet with our number on it. a few days later, we found him again, passed out on the sidewalk from drinking to much. he never called us, but at least we made an effort. i am so glad to live in a place where a lot of people hold the same standards as we do. the word of wisdom down here is very hard to teach. we have a new investigator, Hermano porfideo. we were just walking yesterday to meet him for an appointment, and he walked right by us, completely drunk. it was very upsetting to see him like that. But a lot of our investigators are strong in their testimony's and in learning more about the iglesia. thankfully most of our investigators don't drink. well nothing has really changed this week. Lots of tracting lots of lessons. we are definitely busy with doing the Lords work. I still struggle with the Spanish, and have become pretty timid to the point that I don't really talk a whole lot at all anymore. it is a difficult phase i am going through, but I think it is all part of the experience right? ;) Oh, and we have a baptism this week on Friday. her name is Hermana de los Angeles, and she is amazing!! her son joined the church a couple years ago, but she never was interested until now. The faith of this woman is amazing! I cannot wait to tell you more about her baptism next week, especially since it is my first! Well I hope everyone is doing well back at home! Please continue to write me, I love hearing from you! Have a great rest of the week and make sure to count your blessings!

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