Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 3 in Metapan, El Salvador

El Salvador is pretty neat. it is nice and hot all the time, and I love eating beans and rice...for every meal....every day. ,) hehe but I have a little stomach infection, so pretty much I cant have any queso, or cream, or milk, or yogurt .( when the nurse told me I couldn't have yogurt, I thought I was going to just die right then and there, because, you know, yogurt is so good! All is well here in Metapan. me and my companera have 3 baptismal dates set for this month, and we work so hard every day. Like I say lot, I wouldn't trade serving a mission for the world. It is absolutely so wonderful. Oh hey, I have to tell you that this week was the first week I saw a drunk person. We were walking back home at 9 at night from our lesson, and it was pouring rain and pitch black. We were walking in water up to our ankles. Then there was this drunk guy across the street saying, "mi amor...mi amor" ha which means, "my love, my love." He started coming towards us pretty fast. Well we ran for our little lives. And then I looked back to see if he was following us. It kinda dawned on me that drunks cannot really run. So we died laughing because he looked really, really funny. Oh and I had a dog chase me down the calle (street) this week too...I really thought I was going to die that time. But its all good, it is all part of the experience. I love you tons!


the rain... and oh you know, just all the geckos that live in our house. I was in the kitchen making lunch, and I found the tiny lizard, so I held it. don't worry grandma, I washed my hands after. haha funny story, when we were teaching a lesson, we were teaching a couple out on their patio. it was 8 at night, and so all the geckos come out. they are all over the ceiling's and walls. anywho, one dropped right into my lap when I was teaching. it freaked me out and I jumped like a mile and screamed. I'm sure Hermano Pablo thought I was weird because I flipped out, but he is getting baptized, so I guess I cant be that weird. ha

kylies pic she drew me is on my wall in my sweet tan line in two weeks, and the crazy killer spiders that just chill in my house. this is El Salvador haha hope you get these!!

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