Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another e-mail from our Missionary :)

Before her letter starts... just a reminder she has asked us to send her letters via Dear Elder or through the mail, she only has 1 hr. a week to send emails out and she ends up spending most of her time reading the emails she is receiving.  Here Address is listed on the blog.  Thanks!  :)

Hey Familia!! How is it all going in the states?? I am so happy for Mitch Williams! I knew he was getting married in May but I forgot when. Maybe message him for me and tell him congrats!  So this week has been a lot of fun!! The days here seem to pass by so fast and I cannot believe that I am already starting my fifth week here! I want you all to know that I survived an earthquake last week. It wasnt too big, but all of us Norte Americanos were all excited that we could actually survive through something like that. jaja So rainy season has finally hit..and like I have said before, when it rains..it pours! It is the coolest thing! I have never seen it rain so hard in my life. As soon as it starts raining, all of us Americans jump out of our seats and crowd around the window to watch while the latinos just sit there and laugh at us. Seriously the smallest things entertain us here. I have a funny but kind of bad story to tell. There are some districts who are actually leaving tomorrow. so all the sisters have been going around asking us to sign their journals so that we can keep in contact during the mission, or just write them a good luck note. There is this sister, her name is sister pocock...and we dont get along too well. she kinda has the holier than thou attitude. anywho, she left her journal on my bed yesterday so i could write her a message. I wrote for her to literally go and baptize the hell out of everyone. i thought it was funny, but i guess she didnt. she came in at around 10:20 last night and was like, hey so i whited out your message because i didnt like what you wrote..can you please write something else? ha all the girls here with their girl drama, its pretty much crazy.
 I want to stress this week the importance of temples. I cannot get enough of going to the temple here. there have been a couple of weeks here where i have really struggled with the language. and to be able to go to the temple and just pray to heavenly father for peace, is the most wonderful feeling in the world. it is the closest thing to heaven on this earth, and i love it so much. i dont know what i would do without this peace and privelege i have of doing a session every week. i also think about my future investigators, and i have been thinking a lot this week about how it is important to baptize, but how more important it is to get my investigators to the temple. my ultimate goal on this mission is to see familys get sealed for all time and eternity in the house of the lord. also a nice thought..for any of you that wear a CTR ring, you know how we all learn in primary that CTR means choose the right? Now that you are more matured in the gospel now, and are adults, I have a new meaning for CTR. It is, Current Temple Recommend. Please every time you look at that ring, remind yourself to always try to stay worthy to attend the temple. Do not deny yourselves the rich blessings you could recieve, remain worthy and do your best to obey the commandments and serve the Lord. He has put temples on this earth for your benefit, as well as for the benefit of others. I have a scripture I would like to share, because this is what I have become, and hope to continue to be. Not only does it pertain to me, but also to all of you as well. It is found in 3 Nefi 5:13: Behold, I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His Word among His people, that they might have everlasting life. 
Please wish clint and kamille the best of luck, and let them know that they are in my prayers. love you all!!!! :) - hermana thomas

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